Hi lovelies,

Sorry ive been slacking on the posting recently – I don’t have a valid reason but isn’t everyone allowed a break once in a while. Anyway, todays post is going to be everything ive been loving in the past month of March. ( there isn’t a lot this month because ive been using past months products through this month aswell)

Beauty //

  • Maybelline eraser eye concealer

Looking for a new DRUGSTORE concealer? look no futher. I had heard lots of positive reviews on this product and im a happy costumer myself 🙂

  • Topshop Lipstick – Innocent

I’ve had this product for a long time now and i’ve never really used it because I turned it away to all my other Topshop lip products. But recently this lilac-y toned pink shade has been my go to!

Skincare //

I have no skincare favourites this month because ive been using last months favourites again: so if you didn’t see that post, go check it out 🙂

TV/Movies //

  • Eddie the Eagle
  • Thirteen

thirteen is a short series on BBC IPlayer that is an addcting, drama-fulled short story that has definatly been apart of the past month! Go watch it please – you wont be disappointed.

  • Once Upon A Time

An old favourite from last year that i’ve been getting into again, from the new series! I understand that it isn’t everyones ‘cup of tea’ but I really enjoy it: but I recommend the older series (1-3) more!

Music //

  • Zayn – Mind of Mine

The long-awaited album from the ex-member of One Direction has FINALLY released his new album ‘ Mind Of Mine’. Ive been waiting since ‘Pillowtalk’ dropped and it was worth the wait in my opinion!!

  • Spotify’s throwback playlist

Don’t we all sometimes just jam out to some throwback songs, and I find all my old favourites on this spotify playlist! It has some tracks that I sing with my friends and just dance like crazy 😉 Go check It out if you’re a throwback lover!

Random //

  • My hair colour

Not sounding too vein, I hope, but my hair I have been loving! I love the colour it is at the moment because its all different colours! From dying my hair 1000’s of times ( from brown to blonde to brown) it has started to mash them all into an almost ombre effect. It started off quite dark but leads into a light brown which has some ginger and blonde tints to it. Also ive received a few compliments of the colour so obviously its not only me enjoying the mish0mash of colours!

Hope you enjoyed this post and you’re thinking of checking out my favourites and maybe turning them into yours? I will be posting regularly again, so you wont miss out anymore.

From the mind of a genius,

Dais xo.



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Hi lovelies,

For today’s post I thourght I would create a list of song that you probably haven’t head but you should listen to! I’m not saying you definitely haven’t heard these songs but you probably haven’t. 


pick a part that’s new // sterophonics

FTPA // gorgon city

xtatic truth // crystal fighters

love is all I got // feed me

lost and found // aluna george

cirrus // bonobo

pharaohs // SBTRKT

luna // bombay bicycle club

the line // DVSN

wildfire // SBTRKT

pre-occupied // jon bellion

ignition/do you // phoebe ryan

left hand free // alt-j

man on the moon // kid cudi

adventure // cheat codes

skin // kyla la grange

new york // milk and bone

did I // kehlani

trust issues // kiki rowe

143 // johnny rain

I will link my Spotify playlist with all these songs on and you can check them : (will be avaliable soon!)

Leave a comment down bellow whether you’ve already heard these songs or which song a were your favourites in the playlist. Also tell me if you would like me to make another post like this in the future?

From the mind of a genius,

Dais xo.

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Hi lovelies,

Today’s post is dedicated to my new fave colour: khaki. Khaki is that army green colour that has been hitting the fashion industry by storm. I feel like it’s a colour that almost everyone can pull off and just flawless.

For instance, these khaki cigarette trousers are just to die for <  


Also this jumpsuit <  

ASOS £55.00
Not only does clothing/fashion look amazing, but nearly everything does!

For example,  this Range Rover < 

Or this gorgeous, kitchen wear!  

my kitchen will definitely include a lot of khaki when I’m older!

And to finish of look at this GORGEOUS makeup! I wish I was that talented:( 


Sorry this post was really random, but khaki needs to have that love that needs to be appreciated! See you next week for another post (hopefully a more fun post!) 

From the mind of a genius,

Dais xo.
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Dear future me

Dear future me,

It’s weird to think that you are me (and I am you) but living in another house (hopefully), in another city or maybe a different country. whereever you are, I hope you’re having the time of your life and you have no regrets!

It’s weird to think that you’re dreaming and wishing like me, but for different things. for example, I really want another cat and a good quality camera- whereas you are probably wishing for more money to pay for bills (unless you gained the celebrity status you always desired, in which case buy a pair of Louis Vuitton booties).

I hope you achieved success, but more than that you did it honourably and respectfully. Not always doing everything just for you sake, but being aware of others. 

Questions I want answers is- 

– am I still blogging? or when did I stop?

– how many of my school friends, am I still friends with? also who are my new friends?

– when will I meet the most important person in my life? have I already met them or will I meet them soon? 

– how many heartbreaks will I experience before meeting the one? or will I be the lucky one of many who will meet him straight away?

– how many cats do I have?

 And most importantly, Did I reach my goals?

I hope you lived an amazing life, and received the most out of life! I hope you have the worlds bestest friends and soon family! I hope you didn’t regret not taking chances that would have changed you life drastically! And mos tinpot tangly I hope you remained your weird, loud, crazy cat lady self and never changed for anyone!

Best wishes,

Me (or you).

february favourites

Hi lovelies,

Today’s post is going to be about everything I’ve been loving the past month! 


NYX concealer (Boots, £7.99)

I wanted to try a new concealer and I saw some good reviews on this product so I got my debit card out and went shopping! It’s a high coverage concealer that is really creamy and easy to blend. 

Rimmel Brow this way (Boots, £3.99)

Not only is this product at a bargain price, it works like a dream. I would say this is a dupe for benefits brow gel but the only downside with this product is the brush is too big for my brows and would be better if it were smaller but for the price, the quality is amazing!

Seventeen loose powder (Boots, £8.99)

This powder makes oily skin look flawlessly matte. It stays on all day and I won’t go back to using any other powders for a long time. Also there is so much product in the pot, it could last ages. 

I would recommend this product to anyone looking for a new powder!

Skin care//

• Clean & Clear- deep cleansing lotion (Superdrug, £4.99)

I’ve used this product for at least a year, and it’s always worked. It helps prevent breakouts, cleans your pores and removes makeup! It’s an all rounder. 

All of clean & clear’s products are exceptional and have never disappointed me!

• Simple makeup wipes (Boots, £3.99)

Simple is another never fail brand and probably the best drug store skin care brand there is! These wipes are very moist and remove makeup very quickly.

Zoolander 2

The long awaited sequal finally arrived and I must say it was an incredible! Ben Stiller & Will Ferrel never fail to make me laugh!

Orphans Black

A-MA-ZING! Please go watch this series (first 2 seasons are on Netflix!) You will not be dissapointed!

That’s 70’s Show

Such a classic! Almost as good as Friends, but nothing can beat that. Even though having Ashton Kutcher & Mila Kunnis to stare at for 25Minutes is a blessing. 


Adele (25)

All I need to say is, Adele!

Melanie Martinez

In particullar, Dollhouse, Tag you’re it, Mad Hatter and Soap. Melanie is a talented teenager with an incredible voice. I would recommend her whole album but I these songs in particullar I just love!

Rhianna (Work)

Rhianna and Drake in one song, one video = LIFE. But someone please tell me what she actually says in the chorus??


 Forever 21

I was in Weatfields the other week and I saw Forever 21, all the new clothes are GORGEOUS! So I went stalking on their website and managed to create a basket worth £189.99 (SORRY MUM!)

 Candy Crush

My obsession has returned. I can’t stop playing it and cried because I had to wait 37 hours before I could play again- stupid train station changing thing!

• Vo5 Haircare

I’ve been using Vo5’s shampoo and conditioner recently and it has increased shine and volume! Vo5 is almost my favourite hair care brand ever (but Tigi beats it!) but i would highly recommend Vo5’s products.

Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed and are planning on trying any of these products/brands! Let me know in the comments below what I should try in March.

From the mind of a genius,

Dais xo
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SPUD 11/05/06 – 03/03/16 

Hi lovelies,

Today’s post is a sad one and in memory of my beloved cat, Spud who was sadly put down yesterday.

Not only did I loose my pet, but my best friend. It was a very sad day for me and my family because Spud wasn’t just a cat in our eyes. Yeah, sure he was a pain at times and did the stupidest thing but we all loved him more than anything. 

If you are wondering why he was put down it was because he had a cancer in this throat and had enlarged laryngers. If we left it, even with treatment, he could have suffered with breathing problems. Therefore the fairest thing for Spud was to put him down and out of his pain.

In Memory of Spud // 11/05/06 – 03/03/16


Sorry for the sadish post but I wanted to post this in honour of an amazing cat, pet, best friend.

From the mind of genius,

Dais xo.

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Pet Peeves

Hi lovelies,

Todays post, is going to be about my pet peeves and what are your pet peeves. I feel like everyone has lots of pet peeves but cant always remember what they are until they experience them, because that is literally me! Anyway here are my pet peeves.


I love gum, don’t get me wrong, But what annoys me is when people chew it LOUDLY and you can just here that salivary smudging noise (Its hard to describe). It just makes me cringe almost because it sounds icky and I just hate it. Like its all cool if you want to chew gum but please, you don’t need to inform me with this information by making annoying noises!


Seriously ew! Firstly, why would you want dirt under your nails. I know everybody gets this, but if you wash your hands and nails, its less likely. Even if I have dirt in my nail beds – I get it out STARIGHT AWAY! Also, people that don’t use deodorant! Like do you want to sweat on your clothes and feel icky? Do you want to leave a stench everywhere you walk. This doesn’t just affect you, it affects anyone that sits next to you/near you and its really not nice for them. Just please wear deodorant/anti-persprint. What annoys me more is when people think perfume/body spray will work as a deodorant. IT MAKES IT WORSE. Florally scented BO is nasty on so many levels. Its a waste of your perfume or body spray.


This sounds strange but I mean like when people have a strand of hair on their jacket, or on a car seat. It really really annoys me because it just is there and like why? Why hasn’t the force of gravity pulled it to the floor and all the way to hell? Its just there and I want to just dispose it immediately because it doesn’t need to/ shouldn’t be there!


Everyone must have experienced this, like say you’ve loved a song for ages and all of a sudden it becomes the newest thing and its everyone’s favourite and you’re just there like OMG WTF this is MYYY JAMMMMMM NOT YOURS!!!!! This sounds like really OTT like everyone should be able to like whatever they want but its just annoying because it was your thing and just yours then all of a sudden it becomes EVERYONES!


“You lift your shoes off the floor when you walk, didn’t know if you knew that but you do!” – my message to people who do this.


Hope you enjoyed this post, hope you can relate to any of these! Please follow and like my page and leave a comment bellow about What are your pet peeves?

From the mind of a genius,

Dais xo


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